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Intelligent IoT Sensors

Well researched and designed for flexibility with modularised parts and durability with industrial grade materials to withstand and work in all weather and environmental conditions.

elderly care


Our privacy compliant sensor solution monitors your loved ones non-invasively while providing caretakers with critical information on their health and well-being at home. 

green tech


Our low-bandwidth IoT solution works in all weather conditions while counting vehicle types for road maintenance planning through edge computing and machine learning. 



Our long range sensors work independently in large plantation fields to keep the farmers and owners at peace with parameter fencing, pest control, intrusion alerts and many more.

Featured Use Cases

Agility and Vitality

Enable real-time monitoring of movement, sleeping pattern, daily behaviours, fall detection and many important vital signs. 

Space Utilisation

Access and detect occupancy at different space and amenities at home, hospital wards or other defined areas to understand utilisation patterns.

Anomaly Detection

Get notified when there’s emergency giving caretakers peace of mind and feeling safe while providing timely care when needed.

Road Maintenance

Monitor traffic in all weather, low or no light conditions 24/7 and take count of different vehicle types for more streamlined maintenance plans. 

Smart Tracking

Ensure route consistency for the transport vehicles and prevent non-compliant activities in vast areas that have no connectivity.

Parameter Fencing

Recognise critical events, safety breach, intrusion at specified work sites and provide insights to enhance security and safety features.

From Insights to Actions

Our dashboard and reports are design with simplicity in mind to provide insights and empower data-informed decision making and actions. 

data dashboard
Easy to Read Display

Our reports are carefully crafted with human-centered design to give our users ease of access and understanding of the various insights.

Customisable Notifications

While our intelligent sensors constantly monitor the subject, you can choose how and when you get notified for your pre-defined settings.

real time data
Instant Accessibility

Our monitoring dashboard is progressively available via edge processing. You can access the data anytime anywhere on any device.

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